8 Past and Present TV Shows Set in New Hampshire

The picturesque landscapes of New Hampshire have been featured in many Hollywood movies but, how many television shows have been set in the Granite State? It turns out, not very many.

1.) Assy McGee

This is an animated series about an anthropomorphized buttocks. Set in Exeter, Assy is a rough and tumble, trigger happy Police Detective who’s partner is Don Sanchez (based on Louis Guzman). The show appeared on “Adult Swim” from November 2006 through July 2008.

2.) Breaking Bad

With “Cult” status, this extremely popular show was about Walter White, a High School science teacher turned Methamphetamine maker and dealer after being diagnosed with cancer.

The bulk of this series is set in Albuquerque, New Mexico but in the fifth season, Walter comes to New Hampshire to lay low in a log cabin.

3.) The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire

This was a David E. Kelly show with similarities to “Picket Fences” so it was cast with quirky characters as you’d expect. The pilot was filmed in Plymouth, New Hampshire with production moving back to California after that. The show starred some pretty heavy hitters including Randy Quaid, Chris Penn and Ann Cusack, among others. It aired on CBS in 2003 and lasted 8 episodes.

4.) The Goodwin Games

This was a short-lived sitcom about three estranged siblings who gather for their father’s funeral and one of the stipulations in his will (and the key to the $23 Million inheritance) was that they must bond while playing games devised by the father. It ran only for seven episodes in 2013. Establishing shots were filmed in Portsmouth while production was in LA.

5.) Ichabod and Me

This sitcom was set in the fictional town of Phippsboro, New Hampshire. The show ran from September 1961 through June 1962. It was about a New York City widower and reporter who comes to NH to purchase and edit the local paper. It ran for 36 episodes and interestingly, Jerry Mathers from “Leave it to Beaver” fame was a cast member!

6.) Jumanji

This is an animated version loosely based on the movie set in and around Keene. It ran on the UPN Network from 1996 – 1999.

7.) Northwoods Law

A favorite of Granite Staters because this show is actually shot here in New Hampshire and has been for a few seasons after they moved the production from Maine. It follows the day to day operations of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department as they police and maintain the state’s game resources. The show airs on Animal Planet.

8.) Stan Against Evil

This is a comedy horror series set somewhere in New Hampshire with a town that was built on a massive witch burning site. There are spirits, demons in all kinds of horrific situations as they try to take vengeance on the authorities responsible. It ran for three seasons on IFC and starred John C. McGinley who you may remember as Dr. Cox from “Scrubs”.


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