7 Famous Chihuahuas That Have Been So Influential Over the Years

The Chihuahua was discovered around 300 BC or even farther back in history judging by representations found on clay pots at archaeological digs in the Americas and were the favorite breed of the Toltecs.

They have changed very little over the ages. Even their popularity never seems to waiver. They are just as popular today as ever mixing into our pop culture in everything from TV Shows to Cartoons, magazines and advertisements.

Here are just a few examples of how they have been so influential:

Chihuahuas are a favorite of celebrities not only because of their huge personalities and their outright cuteness but also for being so portable as they hardly ever get even close to 10 pounds in weight.

Paris Hilton

(Don’t have permission to use a picture of Ms. Hilton with her dog, but we assure you it’s cute and it’s a Chihuahua. She was fancy for carrying it in her purse.)

Sharon Osbourne

(Same issue as above. Sharon carried that dog with her everywhere.)

They are also in the entertainment world in movies and cartoons like :

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Beverly Hills Chihuahua


Ren (Hoek) (From Ren and Stimpy)



Madness – The spooky Chihuahua from “Invader Zim”



They can also be found in the world of Marketing:

Gidget – The Taco bell Chihuahua

Taco Bell

Taco Bell

And finally…they can even be found in the world of radio:

Kylo – Frank 1063 (my new little buddy!)



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