TVT True Detective

TV Trending: Oh It’s True. It’s Damn True.

In this edition of “TV Trending” Doc is breaking down a 3rd season of “True Detective” 3 years…

TV Trending Carpool Karaoke 2

TV Trending: Carpool Karaoke is Back!

It’s time to buckle up for the second season of Apple TV’s Emmy-Award winning “Carpool Karaoke: The Series”. The…

TV Trending Twilight Zone

TV Trending: You Are About to Enter Another Dimension…

“The Twilight Zone” was truly ahead of its time. 60 years ahead, to be exact. The 1959 classic is…

TV Trending Crossing Swords

TV Trending: Crossing Swords

The World’s First Beer Hotel is Open For Business

The DogHouse is now taking reservations.

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