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Bob Saget is Back Doing Bob Saget Things

Bob Saget is back and he may finally be doing the one thing he was truly born to…

same old story

It’s a Brand New Show… But is it the Same Old ‘Story’?

CBS All Access premiered a new drama on Halloween night called “Tell Me A Story”. It’s just like…

It Takes Two

The Property Brothers are Planning to Fix Up Fox’s Comedy Lineup

Jonathan and Drew Scott have been reality show darlings for years. The popular twins known as the “Property…

Fireman's Sour

The Drink of the Week is a Fireman’s Sour

Welcome back once again to Nick’s Mix! Get ready to heat things up a bit with this week’s…

Halloween Binge Guide

5 Shows That are Perfect to Binge-Watch for Halloween Week

One of the best things about October is that along with all that candy, you also get a…


The ‘NYPD Blue’ Reboot Will Focus on an Original Main Character… Sort Of.

Fans of the long-running cop drama “NYPD Blue” can start spreading the news: the show is going to…

TVT True Detective

TV Trending: Oh It’s True. It’s Damn True.

In this edition of “TV Trending” Doc is breaking down a 3rd season of “True Detective” 3 years…

TV Trending Carpool Karaoke 2

TV Trending: Carpool Karaoke is Back!

It’s time to buckle up for the second season of Apple TV’s Emmy-Award winning “Carpool Karaoke: The Series”. The…

Nick's Mix House Margarita

Nick’s Mix: The Drink of the Week is a Classic Margarita

Thanks for stopping by “Nick’s Mix”! Every Friday, we show you step-by-step how to make a new drink…

TV Trending Crossing Swords

TV Trending: Crossing Swords